Lunatic Muslims Attack In San Bernadino

Husband and wife team of lunatic Muslims attacked a Christmas party in San Bernardino yesterday.  Chicago-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, decided to carry out murderous Jihad.  Why have not all Muslims been denied entry into the US?  Why does the president, Hussein Obama insist bringing more terrorists into American disguised as refugees?  Why indeed.  Enough of this nonsense we need to gather up Muslims and deport or send to camps all Muslims.  The leaders of these so-called Muslim groups like CAIR need to arrested under RICO laws.  Enough is enough.


Protect Yourself & Family

Some steps to take to protect yourself and family against the evil Muslim hordes that are invading Western countries, aided and abetted by leftist leaders like Merkle, Obama and others that wish you dead at the alter of their insane ‘multi-cultural’ policies. They don’t care if you die or your loved ones die. They themselves are protected but not you. Our leaders must answer to their people, not illegals or ‘refugees’. If they refuse, then the people have the right to remove them and hang them from the nearest lamppost. Leftists are dangerous and are resposible for millions with their socialist and communist failed ideology. The terrorist attacks in France are only the latest, there will be more, many more and now is the time to act.

  1. First, demand the governments deport ALL Muslims from Western countries. They will never assimilate and will enslave the freedom loving masses to their warped ideology (often by the sword, bombs and rape).
  2. Boycott all Muslims and their businesses. Do not give them the ability to make money to send to their terrorist brethren.
  3. Do not travel to large cities, ride trains, airplanes or other mass transit.
  4. Above all, arm yourselves. Get a gun, a shotgun or a rifle. You’ll going to need them to fight back. (for those countries that have outlawed civilian arms, demand a recall of all laws. The leftist elites will promise they will protect but they have already shown they will not.

Time to wake up people for the leftists and Muslim terrorists are coming right now to kill you.